College Tips

School is just around the corner again whether it is online or actually going back to school (still up in the air due to Covid-19 which I’m sure you all knew) Whatever the case may be I’m going to share some tips that helped me throughout college.

*This can gear towards any grade level*

Be sure to get a checklist of items that you wanted/need for school

Gear for success

I just gathered the necessities for school, your backpack, pencils, pens, highlighters, notebooks, and a planner.

Grab the planner so then this way you can write down what is due and what days they are do. Just because tht assingment is due in a month doesn’t mean you should wait until a few days before to start the project. 9/10 when a teacher/professor gives you that much time it’s because it requires that amount of time to get it done. So do it ahead of time, you’ll thank me later.

Study even for 10 minutes each day for that test/quiz that is happening Friday. Start Monday and by Friday you’ll know the answers by heart.

Take notes!! It might sound like a lot but if you can take down as many notes instead of just listening to the teacher talk you’ll remember it better come time to show how much you know.

Put in the extra effort. School is important in life and I know it sucks having to get up super early to go sit their for 6-7 hours a day but once you get into college it’ll get better I promise. You want to get into that BIG10 University then you need to put in the extra effort during school to get into that school.

Study for that ACT (that test is awful I know but you need it to get into colleges, just do the best you can and take it seriously. Take those extra ACT classes to help you prepare and study for the test so you know what to look out for on test day. I didn’t have the SAT choice so I really can’t help you with that area):

I’ll leave below a link to the planner I have used for the past several school years! It is on Amazon and is available for prime.

I hope this helps you all prepare for school.

Talk soon loves,



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