New Beginnings

Good morning loves,

I am so excited next week at this time I will be day three into my new job and I couldn’t be more excited! I am officially making changes in my life and I couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter to open up and to see what it has in store for me.

However, I am nervous as well. I’m jumping into something that I have never touched before and never done before or ever even saw myself doing before. So God only knows what is in store for me truly with this new place.

I have been working in retail for the past four years from automotive, and clothing merchandise sales. I have a passion for cars and I also have a passion for customer service/retail. If you would have asked me this two years ago I would of laughed and said no customer service is not for me. Come to find out that is most defiantly is my thing.

I have been working at my current job for the past 3 years and decided that what I was making is not at all what I’m worth (I don’t toot my own horn that often) my point is that if I was living on my own that this current job I would be literally living pay check to pay check and that is super stressful and not okay with me. Two, I deserve to be around people who are positive, and are a true team. Where I work right now it’s not a team, its fake energy and I feel drug down more than anything.

I start my new job as an optician’s technician and I am so excited for this honestly. Everyone that I have met so far was so friendly and seemed to have tons of positive energy and I love and can’t wait to feed off of that type of energy.

Cheers to new beginnings!




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Small town girl who loves coffee and drag racing! I have my own decal business as well and want to share that with each of you because theirs more that goes behind just doing decals. Be sure to subscribe so you get notified every time I upload a blog and can catch a glimpse at my crazy lifestyle.

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