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Good morning loves

I recently signed up to become a beauty influencer with this amazing company! How exciting. I love the prices so much better with this company as well.

I just bought a mascara for literally $5.95. I’m sorry, excuse me what? Yes you read that right. I just bought one not that long ago for almost $10.00; I just saved myself some extra money.

When I had signed up with this company I didn’t realize how much money I was truly saving with product and I don’t feel like I’m wasting as much a before both ways, from not being able to finish the product before it needs to be tossed out and saving money as well.

I love to wear make up and have make up but I love saving money so much more honestly. Farmasi has proved me after just a few weeks how much money I really am saving myself compared to Sephora, Ulta, and even Wal-mart or whatever drug store you go too.

Now, I’m not shaming on those places what so ever but I love saving money just as the next person in line and I have such a sensitive face that I thought their was no way out of spending a crazy amount of money on expensive high end make up. I was proven wrong.

I work with an amazing team who continues to keep in touch everyday and provides helpful, useful tips and tricks. It’s so nice working with all these lovely ladies and know you have the support from each and every single one of them.

You know you want to save money and yet still purchase good quality make up.

I know I do!

Below I will leave the link so you as well can check out the products for yourself!

In the link as well you will find my YouTube channel, business page, and my Farmasi websites.

**Disclaimer I am NOT pressuring or forcing you to purchase any products by any means I’m just sharing my excitement for these products with you all**



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