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Good morning loves!

I’m getting personal with each of you here today in order to bring awareness. I struggle with stress/anxiety almost daily; but it seemed to have proceeded to get worse in the past few months. If you haven’t already be sure to ready my “Life Changes” blog for an understanding as to how these two wrap together.

I recently signed up with a new company because my current job is causing my anxiety/stress to skyrocket and it’s starting to affect me emotionally and physically. When I say physically I mean it literally.

I wasn’t hungry because my emotions were taking everything over for me so I wasn’t focused on the fact of being hungry, I was focused on what was going through my mind which was not okay.

The place I currently work at the new manager that took over is a micromanager and has to watch you and tell you how to do everything and it’s simply ridiculous honestly. If you weren’t told by her to do something she is not okay with you doing it because it was not her idea. She’s literally ridiculous and acts like a child in all honesty. I mean she got so upset that I did my job that I am told to do in my job description and got in my face and proceeded to yell at me and clap in my face. Who does that? Someone who has their own personal problems and wants everything done their way.

You don’t realzie how much a person like this affects you until after a few weeks and you hear your alarm go off and you don’t want to go into a job you once loved to do and you want to hit snooze about several times.

That’s the point I came too.

After I had realized how much this has impacted me and after the day she clapped in my face is the day I went job searching and found the job I’m going to be starting in October. I am so excited and they all treated me like family even when I just went in for an interview. I forgot what it felt like to walk into a building with family not just workers, but family. It makes work more fun and not work.

Stay strong with whatever you are going through and God or whomever you believe in will guide you to the end of the tunnel.




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