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Good morning loves, do I have some exciting news for you!

Change is good right? Yes, of course it is. I made a huge change in my life that is happening in two weeks…

Oh my goodness it’s so weird to say that honestly.

I have been working at the same place for quite a few years now and now we are changing that and leaping into something entirely different now. I made the change when my anxiety was starting to get out of hand and I was starting to face physical changes that were not okay and are not okay to happen.

We are now going to be an optometrist tech!! So instead of working in retail with clothing and other merchandise; I’ll be working with retail in glasses and contact you could say!!

How exciting is this?! Super exciting for me.

I’m so excited to start in something new and make some new changes that won’t just better me but better me financially and physically. These people definitely make you feel welcomed and treat you as family and that’s what makes work not feel like work anymore am I right? Duh, I know.

Talk soon loves,




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Small town girl who loves coffee and drag racing! I have my own decal business as well and want to share that with each of you because theirs more that goes behind just doing decals. Be sure to subscribe so you get notified every time I upload a blog and can catch a glimpse at my crazy lifestyle.

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