Heatless Hairstyle Favs

Hi loves!

Us girls understand and know the struggle of hair sometimes and we always feel like we need to use heat on our hair in order to get it picture perfect. With using heat all the time it also means that our hair is going to get fried with all the excessive heat well here, I’m about to share with you my hair hacks but still making my hair look s’cute.

  • Braids
  • Buns
  • Space Buns
  • Low/High pony tail

I’m sure their is so much more but being honest those are the only ones that I use! Each night before I go to bed I French braid or regular braid my hair before I go to bed and then this then results in me being able to have cute loose waves for the next morning. It is a time saver and your hair is already done and cute for the day!

Using a scrunchy for your buns makes it look messy but cute at the same time. Scrunchies are back in style and I’m so happy because who doesn’t love retro vibes?

Space buns are so cute and yet still styling your hair and also keeps your hair out of your face as well while still looking like a whole snack. (;

Also, go with your classic Ariana Grande vibes with that long or short hight pony and live your best life and pulling baby hairs out will also make you feel even better and cuter (at least for me).

I hope you enjoyed reading my hacks about how to still look cute and vibrant at work or home with your casual, heatless hair tips.

Want more tips? Leave a comment down below of what else you’d like to read about!




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