NBR Hair Extensions

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Happy Monday loves!

Always wanted longer thicker hair? Have paper thin hair? If this doesn’t describe my hair to a “T” then I don’t know what does. I have thin, flat, boring hair but wanted more. With knowing that my hair would never be thicker and fuller I was introduced to NBR (natural beaded rows) hair extensions. I have had them for almost a year now and have loved every second with them.

They feel natural, as if it was your own hair. You can finally achieve the hair goals you wanted with having NBR installed in your head! Also, if you take really good care of them like I did you can use the same wefts for almost an entire year! I don’t even have to do my hair anymore like I used to. I use heat very little on my hair anymore and wake up take it out of the braids and brush it out and we are ready to go in the morning. Who wouldn’t want to have to spend 20-30 minutes doing their hair in the morning and sleep in a little longer now? UHH YOU.

I used to spend 20 minutes of my morning doing my hair to make it look fuller; now most days I spend about 5 minutes tops. I can sleep in that extra 15-20 minutes now because I don’t need to always do my hair all the time. I’m telling you it might be expensive at first but it was all worth it.

My natural hair got bleached so many times when it should not have so I switched hair dressers to who I have now and my hair before I came to her was so damaged from the bleach my ends were breaking constantly she had to cut my hair pretty close to my chin length. Now after having NBR my hair is finally growing back out in a healthy matter and is already almost back to boob length.

If you haven’t already be sure to check it out and figure out if it’s right for you or not! Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Hair care tips:

  1. Use Verb hair products (I will never go back to the store bought shampoo/conditioner after I’ve used this)
  2. Little to no heat (Don’t use heat on your hair every single day, just braid your hair at night and watch it grow and save you time in the mornings)
  3. Get those trims when you get your hair done
  4. Don’t wash your hair every single day (find dry shampoo that you like (Verb has a great one)
  5. Be sure to use your oils!

Want to know more about NBR? Message me and I will get you in contact with the person you need to talk to more.

Talk soon loves,



Look at that hair!


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