Community College vs. University

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In my first blog I had shared with you that I have obtained my degree in business management. I’m going to share now with you my crazy college journey.

Once we get to our senior year in high school we want to graduate and move away from our hometown and spread our wings and fly without mom and dad am I right? Right. That was me. So, I did and moved four hours away to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was honestly the best year of my life minus the small bumps in the road but the school portion was great. Unfortunately, I moved home back to what seems to be the cornfield state, Ohio.

While in Grand Rapids I attended GRCC (Grand Rapids Community College) greatest school of all times honestly 10/10 recommend. The professors were all so helpful and staff members were very helpful as well, theirs no room for failure at this school honestly, they just don’t allow you to fail they do whatever they can to make sure you pass and are taken care of.

Why did I move back you might ask? As much as a lot of people are ready to move forward without mom and dad and want to do a lot of things on their own, I didn’t come home to have mom and dad pay for everything again, I came home because I missed being surrounded by the ones who make everything seem okay after a hard day. Those heartfelt conversations we all need with our mothers face to face is what I missed the most. Parents don’t have to just be labeled as parents they can be your best friends as well and that is how I felt, I felt as if I left my best friends behind along with my fur babies and realized that is what I missed the most and that I was willing to take the sacrifice of not finding my “perfect” school again as long as it meant my best friends were just five minutes away compared to 4 1/2 hours away.

I moved back and returned to Heidelberg University, which was not my favorite choice honestly. I didn’t feel the same welcoming here like I did at GRCC so I defiantly felt out of my element in my own hometown! I attended this school for 1 year and left because the professors didn’t care about you or your feelings honestly, if they thought you were to stupid for your major they made that clear and didn’t take any blame on them it was always the students fault honestly and that just drove me insane.

Guess where I ended back? Not GRCC but another community college near my hometown and guess what, I loved every second of it there as well. Felt welcomed again and felt structure that I didn’t feel was happening at the university and everything was just like it was at GRCC. I was a 3.5-4.0 GPA student in high school and my first year at GRCC I had obtained a 3.7 both semesters and when I came to the university my GPA was at its all time low (not even mentioning it because I’m still not proud of it and it wasn’t even my fault) went back to Terra State Community College and obtained a 3.8 GPA both semesters. So you tell me the issue? Exactly I know right?

I would 100% suggest for you if you have’t gone to college yet if you are looking to also save money and go the cheaper route go to a community college around you. Save yourself the $40,000+ a year just to attend a university. It might seem like a cool idea but once you graduate and then you hit that 6 month mark after graduation and realize that your school loans are through the roof, it won’t be so cool then unless you have a great paying job right out of school. Take as many classes as you can in high school with CCP and go to community college first to get your general education done first, then if you have to because of the degree you are preparing for have to go to a university then go once your general education is done save yourself a lot of $$$ you will thank me and mom and dad later just saying. All my school loans are pretty low because of he route I chose to go, I don’t even have to pay for my last two years I was in school because I chose a school so close to me that it was covered! That is the greatest feeling and my school loans will be paid off within a few years compared to 20 years.

Save yourself the time and energy and go community instead first then go to a university if need be. Also, always be grateful for what mom and dad do for you while you can until it is gone. You don’t understand how much you appraise them until they’re not five minutes away from you anymore. Sign up fro scholarships as well to help you pay for school as well if you need it, there is nothing to be ashamed of in that aspect as well. It will help you in the long run and you”ll be ecstatic when you find out you have scholarships as well.

Talk soon!



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